Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Off for the Summer

This summer brings new adventure, as I will be in Maine as a director of a small day camp. I will be living with friends in Brooksville (near Blue Hill, and Deer Isle), and the boys will be with me there.

I will write more about this as the summer goes on, but for now I will be brief. I have many things to share, and I am trying to figure out how to attach my database file of recipes, so that the entire collection will be available online.

I am still doing my haiTea business, although, on a limited scale at the moment, as there are issues that need to be resolved with it. It requires attention that I don't have at the moment to give to it.

I am looking forward to being in Maine,and in camp. I always have loved being in Maine, and also being at camp- being a part of a group and around alot of children and creative youthful energy on a daily basis. So I am looking toward this summer to feed my soul a bit.

all for now-