Wednesday, March 18, 2009

spring skiing solitude @ sundown

there was hardly anyone at the mountain.....

from the top.....

and from the bottom...

...and Fred and I peacefully basked in the sun while waiting for line-up

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trish's Frog

I am staying at Trish's house ...
and she honored me with reciting her first poem from when she was in 3rd grade (or so)

Apparently it is no longer on paper, so I decided it should be posted here to have others enjoy such wonderful child's prose.

My Frog

my frog is green with spots of brown,
he learned to swim so he would not drown.
to my surprise it is his wish,
to swim around with my goldfish.
in Africa where they are found,
you will not find them on the ground,
but in a pool real deep and cool.
will you stop in and see him soon?
I got him when he was just new,
and if you like him, like he likes you,
you might like him, like I do.

Trish Helmer