Friday, March 24, 2006

spring cleaning

spring is here, according to the calendar... not the temperature. yesterday I took down some of the frames in the front hall to put in some newer photos. this has been loooong overdue. There were no photos up of our trip last spring that we took to europe. we took so many great photos and had such a good adventure there with the boys. I think I was putting it off partly because I wasn't sure which pictures to put in, then finally, yesterday I decided that was a stupid thing to be holding me back, wanting to make it just right, and that I should do something rather than stagnate about it. so I took down the biggest frame that had lots of photos from Vinalhaven, (there are 2 more frames with Vinalhaven photos in them too), and I just grabbed the stack of photos from the trip and chose a pretty good selection. It can be changed, but now I feel like I at least made progress and did my 2% in some direction. I also put the photo of Eli into a frame with his target that he shot a bull's eye with a crossbow, when we were in Prague. It looks great.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

stinkin' cold

spring is not in the air. It's cold. we had a fire going in the fireplace all day yesterday, which was nice, but.....
I am so ready for some sunshine and warmth, even though I love winter and cold. I think I really just need the quick fix of a week in somewhere sunny and warm, and then I can get back to enjoying the cold here. The other day I was supposed to take emmett to swim at the pool with his friend. I was dreading going out in the cold and the thought of disrobing, even in a heated environment. I sucked it up, and went, as I knew it was good for emmett to get him going with swimming, since he was psyched to go with his best friend. We got there, got in, and ..... it was great! we got into the hot tub afterwards too. loved it. it warmed me to the core. I even thoroughly enjoyed seeing the flurries as we drove home!
next year I need to make sure to figure out a way to get a week in the warm sun in February or March.

Friday, March 17, 2006

good tunes, flye point

This morning I was listening to my favorite Friday morning radio show- on WWUH with Steve Theaker- he played a tune by Jonathan Edwards and I was immediately transported to last summer in Maine where I got to see Jonathan Edwards up close and personal at Flye Point Music Festival. Flye Point is about halfway up the coast of Maine and at the tip of a penninsula. It is a privately owned piece of property that has a large guesthouse on it: the Lookout- check out the aerial photos of it on this link!

We started in the morning and I helped park cars for a while with some friends until noon, then we jumped into the back of a pickup truck that took us down to our arranged free entrance into the festival. We walked down the lawn and could hear the music. It was a wonderful and casual atmosphere. There were several thousand people, vendors with great food, and some fun wares. It was windy and there were quite a few people flying brightly colored kites that were spectacular against the brilliant blue sky. It was such a great day, with tons of sunshine and one of the most heavenly views one can imagine. The stage was at the edge of the sea. We were all flocked around looking at the stage, and beyond across the ocean and at the many islands in the distance. The music was fabulous and I was there with my little Emmett who was having a great time dancing freely to the music. sunshine, great music, great view, and good company. loved it.

Monday, March 13, 2006

emmett's sweater!

Finally! some progress and gratification in finishing a project after all of that ripping out. and it is great, looks wonderful and is a cool sweater. It is machine washable wool. Emmett so far is not into wearing it despite the fact that he was completely involved in the creating of it, with color choice, pattern approval, etc.
He was willing to put it on just for one photo, but he doesn't seem to want to actually wear it. Which is okay, as it is a bit too big, and will fit wonderfully next fall/winter. He was eager to be out riding his bike, but it was warm enough that he didn't actually need a sweater, so he wanted it off right after I snapped the photo.
Now I will be on to making the one for me again, without the skein that was a different dye lot. In the meantime, I am looking for jobs somewhere other than here, as I really need a change and we could all use a new location!