Sunday, January 25, 2009

tree skiing

I had so much fun skiing in the trees with an old friend from high school!!!
We reconnected on Facebook, and discovering our mutual infatuation with skiing, we planned a girls weekend. We went to Mt. Snow and she got me hooked on skiing in the trees, which I had never done before.

If you look closely at this photo(click on it to enlarge it), you can see the tracks in the snow from people skiing around the trees. Now I am a junkie for skiing in these great glades! and it was so beautiful in there too. The trees looked like meringues! There was less wind, and more fresh powder. Since the temp was -15°F at the base, in the trees, away from the wind was good that day.

Skiing makes me happy.
And the quote of the day from Sheila... "which way is downhill?" duh....
(we laughed alot... and had sooo much fun!!)