Monday, February 27, 2006

ripping out....

okay, now I am going nuts since Emmett decided he wants a green sweater, despite the fact that I have just about finished the blue norwegian-ish sweater! which I had to rip the sleeve out once to make it smaller. Now, all I needed to do was some finish work, and also the collar. When I tried it on him, he said, " I want a green sweater, mommy." I asked him if he will wear this one, and he said no. aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!

so, I searched for an simple pattern that I would like, and finally found a great one. It is a Debbie Bliss one from a book called Junior Knits, and the pattern is called Woody. It is great. So then I had Emmett with me the other day in a craft store, and he found a green yarn he liked. It's acrylic and I figured at $2.17 a skein (and I'd only need 2 of them) it would be okay. SO I started knitting it, but the gauge was way off, so rip it out and start again. Then he changes his mind about which green (I had bought 2 shades). So I start again (but bagged ripping it out this time). SO I start a third time, and figure I will do it a little different at the bottom since it curled last time. Now I am about 6" into it, and it is still curling, and I think it is from the cheap yarn. again: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!
(post note- see finished sweater done in beautiful washable wool here...)

So, I put it down and decided to work on the wonderful one for myself with the marled blue-ish green yarn. I am doing a pattern from the new Interweave Knits, and it is a ridged turtleneck sweater. I started it but didn't have enough of the right color, so I was knitting it with a stripe of yellowish yarn in it to compensate for too little of the great color. Then I ripped it out as I found more of the yarn I need and really only want to tip the edge, and not have a big stripe.... and because I found that in my eagerness to start it I only used half of the stitches I needed to make it in the round. So, I started again. but only because I knew that in the end I would be glad I did, and have something that I really like and enjoy wearing.

Okay, so rip it out I did, and then got most of the way done with the body, before realizing that one of the skeins that I used (obviously the one without a label on it) was a different dye lot. You can see the wide stripe from it. So...... now I will yet again be ripping it out. What I did find was that it fits great, and I love the pattern. But since I need to feel like I am getting somewhere, I may start on the sleeves next before ripping this out, and also knit them both on the needle at once so they are really the same.
But not sure, I think I need a break for a little bit. I know knitting is therapy, and I have needed it...... but how much therapy can I take without something to show for it?!

Monday, February 20, 2006

knitting now.....

this is the poncho I was knitting for my friend Stef-
it was huge!! it is knit from the top down, and just goes around and around, so if it weren't for some color changes with the funky yarn she chose, I would have been bored to tears, especially at the end when it got to be more than 700 stitches in each round! yikes!
but.... it got me inspired to knit again, so now I need to do more.

I bought some great yarn at the local knitting shop and need to make something comfy with it. I had bought the wool to knit some "cuffs" but decided that I liked it too much for just little cuffs, and needed a whole sweater out of it.
here is the yarn- beautiful soft "renaissance" by classic Elite yarns. I chose a pattern from the new Interweave Press. It is a turtleneck that I need to amend a bit to make it be what I really want. Psyched to start it but still have another project that I should finish first. we'll see.